Philipp Budka has been publishing and presenting his work and research in journals, books, at conferences and in the media. Find below a selection of his work. For a complete list of publications, take a look at Budka's ORCID record.

Publications (Selection)

Books & Special Issues

Luger, M., Graf, F., & Budka, P. (Eds.). (2019). Ritualisierung - Mediatisierung - Performance. (Ritualization - Mediatization - Performance). Göttingen: V&R Unipress/Vienna University Press.

Budka, P., & Bräuchler, B. (Eds.). (in press). Theorising media and conflict. New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Budka, P. (2018). Indigenizing the internet. Manuscript in preparation.

Trupp, C. & Budka, P. (Eds.). (2008). Austrian Studies in Social Anthropology - Sondernummer KSA-Tage 2007: Workshop "Medien und Film" (Special issue on media and film), Jun. 2008. Retrieved from

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Budka, P. (2019). Von der Cyber Anthropologie zur Digitalen Anthropologie. Über die Rolle der Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie im Verstehen soziotechnischer Lebenswelten (From cyber anthropology to digital anthropology). In M. Luger, F. Graf & P. Budka (Eds.), Ritualisierung - Mediatisierung - Performance (pp. 163-188). Göttingen: V&R Unipress/Vienna University Press.

Budka, P. (2019). Indigenous media technologies in "the digital age": Cultural articulation, digital practices, and sociopolitical concepts. In S. S. Yu & M. D. Matsaganis (Eds.), Ethnic media in the digital age (pp. 162-172). New York: Routledge.

Luger, M., Budka, P., & Graf, F. (2019). Kultur- und sozialanthropologische Perspektiven auf Ritualisierung, Mediatisierung und Performance - Eine Einleitung. (Anthropological perspectives on ritualization, mediatization and performance - An introduction). In M. Luger, F. Graf & P. Budka (Eds.), Ritualisierung - Mediatisierung - Performance (pp. 15-28). Göttingen: V&R Unipress/Vienna University Press.

Bräuchler, B., & Budka, P. (in press). Introduction: Anthropological perspectives on theorising media and conflict. In P. Budka & B. Bräuchler (Eds.), Theorising media and conflict. New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Budka, P. (in press). Digitale Visualität und Bildpraktiken. Kultur- und sozialanthropologische Perspektiven und ethnografische Beispiele (Digital visuality and visual practices). In P. Bernhard et al. (Eds.), Visuelle Analysen aus sozialwissenschaftlichen Perspektiven. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Budka, P. (2015). From marginalization to self-determined participation: Indigenous digital infrastructures and technology appropriation in Northwestern Ontario's remote communities. Journal des Anthropologues, 142-143(3), 127-153.

Molyneaux, H., O'Donnell, S., Kakekaspan, C., Walmark, B., Budka, P., & Gibson, K. (2014). Social media in remote First Nation communities. Canadian Journal of Communication, 39(2), 275-288.

Budka, P. (2013). Digitale Medientechnologien aus kultur- und sozialanthropologischer Perspektive: Überlegungen zu Technologie als materielle Kultur und Fetisch. (Digital media technologies from an anthropological perspective: Reflections on technology as material culture and fetish). Medien und Zeit, 28(1/2013), 22-34. Abstract & Text.

Bell, B., Budka, P., & Fiser, A. (2012). "We were on the outside looking in" - A First Nations online social environment in northern Ontario. In A. Clement, M. Gurstein, G. Longford, M. Moll & L. R. Shade (Eds.), Connecting Canadians: Investigations in community informatics (pp. 237-254). Edmonton: Athabasca University Press. Text (PDF).

Budka, P. (2009). Indigenous media technology production in Northern Ontario, Canada. In K.-D. Ertler & H. Lutz (Eds.), Canada in Grainau / Le Canada à Grainau: A multidisciplinary survey of Canadian studies after 30 years (pp. 63-74). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Text (PDF).

Budka, P., & Schallert, C. (2009). Transforming learning infrastructures in the social sciences through flexible and interactive technology-enhanced learning. Learning Inquiry, 3(3), 131-142.

Budka, P., & Trupp, C. (2009). Indigener Cyberaktivismus und transnationale Bewegungslandschaften im lateinamerikanischen Kontext (Indigenous cyberactivism and transnational movements in Latin America). In J. Kastner & T. Waibel (Eds.), "... mit Hilfe der Zeichen / por medio de signos..." Transnationalismus, soziale Bewegungen und kulturelle Praktiken in Lateinamerika (pp. 207-226). Muenster/Berlin/Vienna: LIT-Verlag. Text (PDF).

Budka, P., Bell, B., & Fiser, A. (2009). How Northern Ontario's First Nation communities made themselves at home on the World Wide Web. The Journal of Community Informatics, 5(2). Retrieved from

Mader, E., & Budka, P. (2009). Shah Rukh Khan @ Berlinale. Bollywood Fans im Kontext medienanthropologischer Forschung (Shah Rukh Khan @ Berlinale: Bollywood fans in the context of media anthropological research). In C. Tieber (Ed.), Fokus Bollywood. Das indische Kino in wissenschaftlichen Diskursen (pp. 117-131). Muenster/Berlin/Vienna: LIT-Verlag.

Budka, P. (2004). Indigene Widerstandsbewegungen im Kontext von Globalisierung und Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien. Das Fallbeispiel der EZLN in Mexiko (Indigenous resistance movements in the context of globalisation and information and communication technologies: The case of the EZLN in Mexico). Journal für Entwicklungspolitik, XX(2004/1), 33-44. Text (PDF).

Budka, P., & Kremser, M. (2004). CyberAnthropology - anthropology of cyberculture. In S. Khittel, B. Plankensteiner & M. Six-Hohenbalken (Eds.), Contemporary issues in socio-cultural anthropology: Perspectives and research activities from Austria (pp. 213-226). Vienna: Loecker Verlag. Text (PDF).

Book Reviews

Budka, P. (2018). [Review of the book Digital environments: Ethnographic perspectives across global online and offline spaces, by U. U. Frömming, S. Köhn, S. Fox & M. Terry]. Anthropos, 113(1), 303-304. Text.

Budka, P. (2017). [Review of the book Handbuch der Medienethnographie, by C. Bender & M. Zillinger]. Paideuma. Mitteilungen zur Kulturkunde, 63, 303-307. Text.

Budka, P. (2015). [Review of the book Unmasking deep democracy: An anthropology of indigenous media in Canada, by S. B. Hafsteinsson]. Social Anthropology, 23(2), 240-242. Text.

Budka, P. (2015). [Review of the book Cyberidentities at war: The Moluccan conflict on the Internet, by B. Bräuchler]. American Anthropologist, 117(1), 179-180. Text.

Budka, P. (2014). [Review of the book Europäisch-ethnologisches Forschen. Neue Methoden und Konzepte, by S. Hess, J. Moser & M. Schwertl]. Anthropos, 109(2), 694-696. Text.

Working & Discussion Papers

Udupa, S., Costa, E., & Budka, P. (2018). The digital turn: New directions in media anthropology. Discussion Paper for the European Association of Social Anthropologists' Media Anthropology Network. Text (PDF).

Budka, P., & Jacono, D. (2013). Football fan communities and identity construction: Past and present of "Ultras Rapid" as sociocultural phenomenon. Working Paper for the EU FP7 Project "Football Research in an Enlarged Europe". Text (PDF).

Budka, P. (2011). From cyber to digital anthropology to an anthropology of the contemporary? Working Paper for the European Association of Social Anthropologists' Media Anthropology Network. Text (PDF).

Journal, Magazine, Newspaper & Blog Articles

Budka, P. (2017). Digitale Anthropologie. UniVienna Bloggt - University of Vienna Blog, 09.01.2017.

Budka, P. (2011). Fernsehen global - glokal gesehen. Südwind: Magazin für Internationale Politik, Kultur und Entwicklung 7/2011.

Budka, P. (2011). Menschen - nicht Medien - revoltieren. Die Presse, 29.01.2011.

Papers & Presentations at Conferences & Workshops (2014-2019)
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Budka, P. (2019). The cultural history and social life of an indigenous web-based environment. Paper at "The Web That Was: Archives, Traces, Reflections" Conference (RESAW19), Amsterdam, Netherlands: University of Amsterdam, 21 June. Presentation.

Sahana, U., Costa, E., & Budka, P. (2019). Introduction and organization. Workshop "Decoloniality and the Digital Turn in Media Anthropology", Munich, Germany: LMU, 11 October.
Budka, P.: Chairing of the Session "Digital Natives: A Decolonial Query Into Subversion and Inculcation", 11 October.


Budka, P. (2018). The anthropology of digital visuality: Notes on comparison, context and relationality. Paper at Vienna Anthropology Days 2018 (VANDA2018), Vienna, Austria: University of Vienna, 20 September.
Co-chairing of the Panel "Digital Visuality", 20 September.

Budka, P. (2018). Indigenous articulations in the digital age: Reflections on historical developments, activist engagements and mundane practices. Paper at International Communication Association 2018 Pre-Conference "Articulating Voice. The Expressivity and Performativity of Media Practice", Prague, Czech Republic: Hilton, 24 May.

Budka, P. (2018). Reading Appadurai, Lévy and Rabinow in relation to Warburg's "Denkraum". Presentation at the "Denkraum Workshop" of the research area Visual Studies in the Social Sciences, Vienna, Austria: University of Vienna, 28 February.


Budka, P. (2017). Internet for remote First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario. Paper at "3rd CoRe Workshop - Mobility and Remoteness: What is the Connection?", Vienna, Austria: University of Vienna, 26-27 May. Text.

Budka, P. (2017). Medien und Literalität in der Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie: (Digitale) Medienpraktiken aus kulturvergleichender Perspektive. Presentation at "Dark Side of Literacy" Workshop , Strobl, Salzburg: Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung, 20 April.


Budka, P. (2016). Reflections on media anthropology's legacies and concerns (in digital times). Paper at "14th Biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)", Milan, Italy: University Milano-Bicocca, 20-23 July. Text.
Chairing of the EASA Media Anthropology Network Panel "Media Anthropology's Legacies and Concerns", 23 July.


Budka, P. (2015). Indigenous audio-visual media production and broadcasting - Canadian examples. Paper at "Eleventh Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies", Vienna, Austria: University of Vienna, 7-11 September. Introduction & Text.


Budka, P. (2014). Indigenous futures and digital infrastructures: How First Nation communities connect themselves in Northwestern Ontario. Paper at "13th Biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)", Tallinn, Estonia: Tallinn University, 31 July - 3 August. Introduction & Text.
Co-chairing of the EASA Media Anthropology Network Panel "Media Futures: Media Anthropology of, for and through the Notion of 'Future'", 3 August.

Media Interviews
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Interview for 2014. "Die WM als Karneval der Gefühle".

Interview for Querspur. 2014. "Die Wiedergeburt des Lokalen".

Roundtable Discussion for UniCut - Okto TV. 2014. "YouTube Yourself".


Interview for UniView - University of Vienna Magazine. 2012. "eLearning: Offener Zugang zu Bildung".


Interview for 2010. "Social Network für Indianer: "Wir waren zuerst da!"".


Interview for Sioux Lookout Bulletin. 2007. "PhD student writing dissertation on K-Net".

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