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Films & videos on media activism & more

Films & videos on media activism & more published on No Comments on Films & videos on media activism & more

This is a selection of films and videos on mediated activism, anthropological perspectives on media and culture, and globalization and (de)colonization in relation to media.
Compiled by Philipp Budka with the generous support of colleagues of the EASA Media Anthropology Network and the EASA Visual Anthropology Network.

Al Jazeera (2017). Podemos vs the Spanish Media. (10.27 min.). (openly available)

Balmès, T. (2014). Happiness. (80 min.). (not openly available)

Bardet, S. et al. (212). The Himbas are Shooting!. (52 min.). (not openly available)

Bishop, J., & Prins, H. (2003). Oh, what a blow that phantom gave me! (52 min.). (not openly available)

Cavallone, E. (2016). Media & conflicts: Dangerous liaisons, an INFOCORE study reveals. (8 min.). (openly available)

CBC News: The National (2012). Idle No More. (2.39 min.). (openly available)

Díaz, E. C., & Jure, C. (2010). La Guerra por otros Medios. (79 min.). (openly available)

The Digger Archives. (n.d.). Digger Movement: Photo & Video Galleries (sev. films & videos), (openly available)

Draxtor. (2018). Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is Me [full feature film]. (74.11 min.). (openly available)

Draxtor. (2016). The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 37: Non Profit Commons]. (3.29 min.). (openly available)

Ecosong.Net. (n.d.). Environmental Music Videos. (sev. videos), (openly available)

Filmes Sombra. (2016). We Are Nature – Considerations on the Anthropocene. (4.59 min). (openly available)

Folayan, S., & Davis, D. (2018). Whose Streets? & (trailer, clips, interview w/ dir. openly available)

The Guardian (2019). The “Lost Rambos” of Papua New Guinea: How weapons and Hollywood changed tribal disputes. (22.16 min.). (openly available)

The Guardian (2019). Anonymous Comes to Town: The Hackers Who Took on High School Sexual Assault in Ohio. (14.49 min.). (openly available)

In My Blood It Runs (2019). Campaign and Film. (not openly available)

Lesbian Herstory Archives. (n.d.). Dyke TV Segments. (sev. videos), (openly available)

Paper Tiger TV (2017). Doudou Dienne and Claude Robinson Read the MacBride Report and the New World Information Order. (30.25 min.). (openly available)

rockpaperjet (2013). Idle No More. (7.18 min.). (openly available)

TedxTalks (2017). We Are Overheating, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, TEDxTrondheim. (14 min.). (openly available)

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